HAHAHAHHHAHAHA yeah im pretty funny

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“Design is a constant challenge to balance comfort with luxe, the practical with the desirable.”
—Donna Karan

Ahhh, I do love a good witty T-shirt, all of these tops pretty much sum up my entire life

A Poem for you

Roses are red

Ice is so slick

What’s the next post?

My hot summer picks! 

“A woman’s dress should be a like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view.”
—Sophia Loren

Trendy Tie-front shirts! one word…..LOOOOOVE! i have around a million of them and i’ve actually made my own and these tops just happen to tickle my fancy :P

YAAAAY! hair accessories, and as you can tell, i LOVE bows! headbands are expected to make a comeback this summer and there is NO WAY I am missing out on this. 


Cute summer tops and hair accessory post coming soon! (Tomorrow maybe? ) who knows I might break my lazy streak lol

Shorts part 2 anyone?